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Tips on How to Write Statement of Interest

The statement of interest is a kind of test in the form of a written document. It requires you to add professional work experience with all the details. The employers go through this application to know about each job applicant. Your chances of getting the desired employment can definitely be increased once you highlight the pieces of prior work experience in the best way. The sample statement of interest can be helpful to compose this document like a pro. There are numerous ways of writing this letter. Some major tips and tricks can let you write this letter like a professional. This statement is different from the personal statement for graduate school or university. The certain format and components make this letter distinctive than other applications.


Strong Statement of Research Interest

The effective statement of interest is beyond the level of something read by the employers on a regular basis. It is written by following a unique format. Secondly, the use of vocabulary does matter in it. An applicant who’s just enlisting the previously left jobs won’t grab more attention of the employers. On the other hand, the quirky ways of adding up the work history with the right use of words can definitely appeal to more recruiters. The statement of interest examples from the trusted sources can help better in crafting a good statement.

The Opportunities Given by Statement of Interest

The job candidates find various ways of impressing the hiring teams. Therefore, you are supposed to do something that sets you apart. The interest statement can do the best by giving great outcomes. But the condition is to write in an ideal manner. Employers always look for something different while reading the applications. Similar ways to please and sharing details make them feel bored. This will result in direct rejection of the application without any chance of acceptance. Here are a few opportunities that you will get after writing this statement.

  1. You can share an interest in a particular job.
  2. The personal thoughts and expectations for achieving something bigger after landing employment.
  3. Sharing the other work experiences and past education.
  4. A well-written statement can brighten up the chances of giving you the desired job.
  5. You would also get the opportunity of improving the writing skills. In short, engaging content can help in achieving the goal.

Best Statement of Interest Format

One is supposed to make sure that their letter of interest is written appropriately and well-crafted like any correspondence sent to the hiring team. The right format leaves a long-lasting impact on the recruiters. If the letter is nothing but a convoluted mess (with tough to read content), you’re actually not going to make a good impression. Check out these points included in the actual format of the Statement of interest for an internship or a full-time job.

  • Start with adding up your contact details. The website, email, phone number and address can be included.
  • Don’t forget to include the correct date.
  • Write an engaging starting paragraph. You are required to share the intentions and self-introduction here.
  • The paragraph of work experience and the qualification would be added here. Try to write every detail without creating a mess. Avoid writing the walls of text.
  • The last paragraph must be all about your interest and plans to achieve well after getting a certain job. Secondly, you have to be thankful to the hiring staff for giving time for going through the letter.

sample statement of interest

Top 10 Tips on How to Write a Statement of Interest

There are no shortcuts to impress the recruiters and get the desired job with their consent without making a great impression. Every candidate is supposed to do something different and follow the tips to secure employment. Check out these ten tips for assistance.

  1. First of all, learn how long a statement of interest is. The length of the document does matter and you must neither keep it too short nor very long. It should be from 550 to 600 words.
  2. Always take advice from experts. The successful job candidates or even the professors can guide you well.
  3. Never take the editing phase for-granted. Give ample time to it. Start with amending the data and go through it again. You need to do proofreading too.
  4. Highlight the issues that you have faced in the statement of interest. For instance, 2 years of gap in career.
  5. Be yourself and never encourage yourself to write the stories.
  6. Make a plan to portray yourself (as a candidate). You can either pay more attention to the qualification or prior work experience.
  7. The writing should be conversational. Make sure that you’re an applicant and speaking to the recruiter.
  8. Make the ideal changes in your essay. Go through the good job essays and correct the one that you’ve composed in a similar way.
  9. Whatever you write, the information must be true. Because the recruiters inspect everything during the interview session.
  10. Avoid writing longer stories. Be specific and limit the amount of information.

Writing a Statement of Interest: Common Mistakes to Avoid

The statement of intent for the purpose of landing a job is created by keeping many points under consideration. This letter is much more than just adding up the education and work experience information. Some minor mistakes can easily destroy your dreams to land a good job. So, try to be selective while creating a statement of interest.

  • Do not repeat the same point again and again. Maybe, you write well but the use of appealing words with a lack of content’s quality is unacceptable.
  • Keep a certain limit on the personal goals that you’ve set to accomplish after getting the job.
  • Follow a proper format. Make sure that the format must not be taken from any less reliable source.
  • Do not rephrase a good interest statement written by someone else.come up with your own unique idea.
  • Practice hard and do not try to become over smart by praising yourself a lot. Instead of becoming a narcissist, you need to prove yourself the best choice and eligible for the selection. Do this by sharing the details of professional or educational accomplishments, certifications, recognitions, etc.

These are some mistakes that you must avoid while writing the interest statement. Make sure that you recheck your statement again and again. The statement of purpose for the internship always grabs the attention of recruitment staff if written appropriately. Following the right format and use of the relevant vocabulary is important to stand out in the crowd.

Do’s and Dont’s for Your Statement of Interest Internship

The statement of purpose is written by following some major steps. However, the amendments are made in the formats of interest statements after a certain period of time. Always keep in mind that the well-written statement of interest can increase the possibility of landing the desired job. Check out the Do’s and Don’ts that you must keep into consideration while writing the interest statement.


Here are some important things that you must avoid doing while writing this letter. We commonly make a lot of mistakes by paying less attention to some points.

  • Stop sharing the history of your life.
  • Use a bit of humor in your letter. This will really make your application stand out in the crowd.
  • Never use the vocabulary that we usually see in the web articles.
  • Always write in the first person. It really sounds natural.
  • Do not praise the previous firms that you’ve left. Discuss your plans to achieve well and giving more output by increasing productivity.
  • Write less but every word must sound great. This can be the reason to divert the minds of the selection team and they start liking your application.


Your statement of purpose Master’s degree can’t get the proper appreciation from the readers if you wrote it without following the right format.

  • Always make the first paragraph more appealing. The first impression really matters.
  • Share your achievements, certifications, and recognitions. This really inspires the recruitment team.
  • Make a list of points that you have to add in the letter of interest.
  • Keep the length of each paragraph from 4 to 5 lines. The further increase can have a bad impact on your application.
  • Edit and proofread twice or even thrice. This can take your application to the other level.

Statement of Interest vs Cover Letter

The interest statement is different than the cover letter. One must know about the major difference between these two types of job applications.

Statement of Interest Cover Letter
If you’re are tending to a particular profession, the interest statement is based on a lot of self-centered content. It covers the few points of your resume. In short, the introduction of an applicant is shared in this letter.
It pays more attention to adding the benefits one can give to the corporation. It is based on the specific focus to meet the required needs according to the job description.
Regardless of whether or not the job offer has been advertised, one can notify the firm and share their availability for any suitable job through this letter. The cover letter is only written to apply for the posted jobs.
The standard length of this letter is based on 550 to 600 words It is merely based on 250 to 300 words.

The letter of intent grad school is quite different than the cover letter. This letter is comprised of numerous aspects of an applicant that makes it a proper job application. However, the cover letter is like an appetizer meal before the main course. It is attached before the resume and contains a few important introductory points about a job candidate. This table can guide you well about the major differences between a cover letter and the interest statement.

The interesting letter also shows the personal interests of applicants to let the readers know. They assess the application by going through the details about the candidate. This is how the applicants get the opportunity of working with the firms of their desire. The cover letter also gets the attention of employers but the interest statement is more impactful.


From hundreds of ineffective ways regarding how to write a statement of interest, the one feasible yet newer way is far better. You also should follow that best way of writing it today!