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Professional Grad School Statement of Purpose Example

The Challenges of Writing a Good Statement of Purpose

If applying to grad school, wasn’t tedious enough, you also have to write on the most important documents for your application. A statement of purpose grad school is a document from where the admission committee will decide to accept you or not. Depending on what you write, and how you write it, they can either invite your for an interview or deny you one. As you can see, there is a lot at stake, and this can damage your ability to write a coherent paper.

Even if you look for a grad school statement of purpose example, you need to be able to address all the main information the jury is looking for coherently and following the same format throughout the text. A statement of purpose is the perfect document to sell yourself and convince the admission committee you are a strong candidate and will definitely benefit from enrolling in the course. Plus, apart from all these things you need to be sure you address, you also need to proofread and edit your document. You would not like to get penalized for a punctuation mistake or a clumsy sentence.

Our statement of purpose grad school examples are original statements written by our professional writers. They have done them in such a way that, they were imagining they are the ones applying for those courses and there is all the truth in whatever they have written. They are trying to convince the admission board that, if given a chance in the respective schools they are applying for, they will fulfill their dreams and be of help in the society at large.

Example of statement of purpose for graduate school

I have decided to do a graduate course in an engineering school because, that is the only career I have grown to associate myself with. My great grandfather was an engineer at a local railway company; my grandfather was a mechanical engineering with a general motors company; my dad is an engineer with the government water and sewerage company. All this have been my role model and they have made me just grow to love the engineering work. They have raised their respective families in a very respectable way and I tend to associate engineering with responsible people.

Another reason why I prefer engineering and want to pursue it as a career in your prestigious institution is because, all the above named have passed through your institution and I know, incase I get stuck up, they will explain to me what I do not know and that will make me enjoy the course more. During my undergraduate course, I undertook engineering in a local college and I didn’t get much satisfaction from it. The main reason being that, I believe that deep down my heart, your institution is the best and that is why my people chose it over the rest of the many colleges that are around. I am sure that if given a chance to come to your college, I will work hard to be just like my father, who is currently a senior engineer in the government water and sewerage department.

The experience I amassed during my internship will enable me impact knowledge to the junior in the graduate school as I embark on my graduate course. I will give it my all because I will be aiming at proving to my dad am a great engineer just like him. Failure has never been my vocabulary; am coming to your institution to prove that, it is not in me to fail but to excel in everything that I do, no matter how tough it may seem. Thank you in advance for giving me the chance to prove myself a worthy engineer.

The Best Way to Use a Statement of Purpose Sample

If you’ve decided to try your hand with a statement of purpose, you should know there are tools you can use to guarantee you write a coherent paper. For example, we have several samples online that you can use as a writing guide. Our statement of purpose graduate school example can help you address the relevant information you are required to include on your statement of purpose. Our expert writers have listed a simple guide to help you use our samples:

  • First of all, you have to choose the one that matches the statement of purpose you need to write.
  • Once you’ve found it, open it on a separate tab.
  • Write down on a separate piece of paper your personal details, what is your motivation for enrolling in grad school, what are your past academic achievements, what are your career objectives, and your strongest skills. You can also include any relevant personal story or anecdote to support your arguments on why you are one of the strongest candidates.
  • After you’ve gathered all the information, you can start writing your own statement of purpose.
  • Start by switching your personal information and skills with the ones that are written in the sample.
  • Continue by adding your stories and anecdotes to explain why those are your strongest skills.
  • Change the text to make it your own. If you think the sample is written in a different style than the one you would use, adapt it to make it your own.
  • Proofread and edit your paper to ensure it is coherent and readable, and that every sentence is logically linked to the following one.

The Structure of a Statement of Purpose

To guarantee you will not get penalized by the admission committee, you need to follow a particular structure when writing your statement of purpose. You can take a look at our graduate school statement of purpose example to get a glimpse of how it will look once you’re done. For multiplying your chances of success, make sure you follow this basic structure:

  • Introduction. You will need to open your statement of purpose with a few catchy sentences. Grab the reader’s attention from the beginning and prepare to receive a positive feedback. Doing this will ensure the jury will be looking forward to keeping reading your paper. On the introduction, you’ll also need to briefly introduce yourself and state the motive of why you are writing a statement of purpose.
  • Body. Follow your introduction with a strong body. Here you can describe your strongest skills, and explain why they make you a unique candidate and therefore a strong one. You can use personal stories and anecdotes to exemplify them. Answer what your motivation for enrolling into this course is by mentioning your career objectives and past academic achievements. Remember to make it personal, don’t just say that because you are good at science, you want to enroll in a science program. You need to give them unique answers that make you stand out from the crowd.
  • Conclusion. Finish your statement of purpose by writing a powerful end. Restate why you are one of the strongest candidates by answering that with a brief description of your skills, personal details, academic achievements, and goals. Once you’ve finished, remember to proofread and edit your paper.

Meet the Professional Team That Can Help You Get the Results You’re Looking For

We count with a professional team of creative writers that can help you multiply your chances of success. They have vast experience in the field and can address the relevant information the admission committee is looking for. They can craft a personal statement of purpose based on your personal details. Our creative writers count with impeccable English writing skills, and a rich vocabulary, to write original and catchy statements of purpose. They will ensure to meet your requirements.

And since we offer one-to-one sessions, you can discuss with them directly your paper. They will make any changes you ask them to. If you want to get a glimpse of how we work, take a look at our statement of purpose graduate school examples to see the amazing statement of purpose our writers can write. We also have a professional team of editors to help you improve your writing skills.

They have a great eye for detail and excellent editing skills to ensure your paper is ready for submission. Our editors will revise your statement of purpose as many times as necessary to guarantee there are no languages mistakes left, and that the style and format is the adequate one. They will also make any changes they feel pertinent. Thanks to their extensive knowledge of the academic field, we can help you write and edit the following documents:

  • Statement of Purpose
  • Admission Essay
  • Scholarship Essay
  • Letter of Intent
  • Letter of Recommendation
  • Resume
  • And the list goes on!

Use our grad school statement of purpose example to create your own original paper!