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Enjoy Writing a Statement of Purpose Comparative Literature

The Importance of a Statement of Purpose

If you’re in the process of applying for a particular course, you may be aware of the documents you need to hand them in. As part of your application, you will be required to write a statement of purpose graduate school. This is probably the most tricky and difficult letter you may have to write. On your statement of purpose, you will need to highlight your skills, strengths, and career objectives. And while doing so, you have to ensure you are also stating why you are a strong candidate, why you should be included in the program. This is quite a challenge.

It’s not easy to speak about oneself when you know there is a lot at stake. A statement of purpose is probably the most important document in your application process. It will help the admissions jury to meet you, and decide, from what you’ve written, if you are suitable to join their program or not. As you see, a piece of paper can say a lot about you. That is why it is vital you ensure it is bold and direct, and that it states your unique personal traits in a way that will make you stand out from the crowd. We’ve gathered a few useful links you can use to write your SoP. Take a look at them:

  • You can take a free aptitude test to see what are your strengths and weakness.
  • If you don’t know what makes you unique, you can take this online test.

Why Would Students of Literature and Language Seek Help with Writing?

Getting accepted to a doctorate program in comparative literature is a very specific ambition. The study of ‘literature without borders” is becoming more international and cross-cultural. Teaching and research positions, as well as openings in the business and entertainment worlds, are almost by definition open to applicants from the world over, so competition for places is fierce. Tailor your piece to fit your background, the position in question, and the school, especially if it is foreign to you.

Comparative literature students have language, translation and writing skills far superior to the average person but they know their statement will be read by a very learned group. They choose the peace of mind that confidential professional help with editing and checking brings. There are a few reasons why students of literature and language should seek help when writing their statement of purpose literature. Even though they have excellent writing skills, and a good eye for detail, an extra pair of eyes can’t be harmful.

  • Writing about your personal traits is difficult. You can write them in a bullet list along with a few lines that talk about your own life, but that would not impress the jury. A professional writer can help you link those random points into coherent sentences that will convince the admission staff you are a strong candidate.
  • Being a student of language and literature means that everyone will expect more of you. The admission jury will expect you to deliver an impeccable and flawless statement of purpose. They will penalize you more, compared to a science student, for example, if you leave any punctuation mistake or use the wrong format. Writing under pressure might not help you detect those mistakes. Because let’s be honest, there is a lot at stake for one document. That’s why it is better to trust a professional writer with it.
  • If you haven’t organized yourself, and don’t have time to write the perfect statement of purpose, it is better to call a professional writer that to handle in a poorly-written essay.

What Should You Include in Your Statement?

With some graduate programs, the absolute value of your school studies is relatively unimportant because all applicants have similar academic achievements. Comparative literature is a less well-defined field and each specialty requires different skills and training, as well as good team skills and an ability to excel in different cultures and countries.

Doctoral programs are often designed by scholars from different departments. As appropriate you may need to show attributes in a selection from sociology, languages, translation, history, literature, cultural studies or religious studies for example. Reference these questions the board will want to be answered. Reference these questions the board will want to be answered:

  • Why you want the position?
  • How you want your career to progress?
  • Do you have all the particular skills?
  • Why this school and faculty?
  • Where are you from, will you fit in?

How Should Your Statement of Purpose for Comparative Literature Be Written?

For a field such as this, it would be reasonable to assume that all candidates would be qualified to write a good document. They may not be familiar with the process and requirements, however. Try to follow these guidelines for a professional statement of purpose graduate school.

  • Research, writing and reviewing takes time so leave plenty
  • Do not write a thesis, 2 pages maximum, be concise and clear, no slang or abbreviation
  • Use English throughout, do not use foreign languages no matter how relevant
  • Make your statement easy to read with a good flow
  • Stress your attributes and you have the skills required
  • Research the program, try to reference it or the faculty member in charge
  • Emphasize previous research, how it is relevant, and your motivation for more

We Are Professional Writers and Can Help with Your Statement of Purpose Comparative Literature

statement of purpose comparative literature

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You cannot expect a writer with only moderate English skills or no literature knowledge to write you an excellent statement of purpose literature, or even advise on editing or formatting. What’s more, our experts have a vast statement of purpose for linguistics and are ready to give a hand. All our writers are:

  • Their impeccable English writing skills help them write the best statement of purpose comparative literature.
  • They are customer oriented and will help you throughout the whole process.
  • They are always available to discuss your paper.
  • Their rich vocabulary helps them eliminate any clumsy phrases and rewrite them fluently.
  • They have a flair for language.
  • Our professional team of experts is specialized in different areas so they can help you with a wide range of documents.
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  • They have a great eye for detail. They will fix any grammar or punctuation mistake, use synonyms to avoid wordiness and ensure the text follow the same format.

We want you to enjoy writing your statement so contact us for best assistance and peace of mind with your statement of purpose comparative literature!