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Best Statement of Purpose Graduate School Format Writing Tips

When it comes to editing the statement of purpose, you need to go for the valid formatting process for the triumphant results. The correct formatting is based on making your document look better from its layout to the written content. It simply means to focus every line and excluding the unnecessary words/headings for the ideal ultimate look of the document. Check the font size and style of headings and the text underneath. Make the corrections in the the length of each paragraph. For example, it’s not like the starting paragraph has 4 lines and the next one comprises of 6 to 7 lines or even more.


How to Format a Statement of Purpose

Writing a statement of purpose for graduate school can be a daunting task for everyone who does it for the first time. Here are three major points/steps to make you familiar with the actual structure of an SoP.

The Genuine Structure of a Stellar SoP

You can’t skip this step. This is what you can say a part with the brief overview (based on who you’re the qualification, personal details and some other info etc.). Keep it concise by adding the useful information.

Here you are supposed to discuss the reasons of writing the statement and other points whether it’s to get admission in a school or hunting process for a job.

This is the last part of format for statement of purpose. Write the actual reasons to make your selection. End it up with all the essential details.

Tips on How to Write a Graduate School Statement of Purpose

You better go for some feasible tips to turn your SoP worth-considering. These suggestions must be considered for the best outcomes.

  • Do not use the casual words or language. Write in a professional manner.
  • Avoid the spelling errors and proofread your content.
  • Choose a format that seems simple but based on all the important pointers. It must be modern as well.
  • Write in your own words rather than imitating even the style of the document.
  • Do not exceed the word limit.
  • Follow the best and modern statement of purpose structure.

Best Graduate School Essay Format Tips to Follow

When you begin the SoP writing, you must follow the set of certain tips that are workable too. Check out these recommendations for better results.

  • Follow the right directions by going through the format.
  • Make sure that you are familiar with your audience.
  • Show your ample interest to become part of an institution or school.
  • Compose a draft (that should be the rough version).
  • Pay attention to the right angle of carefully.
  • Be concise and clear with your sayings
  • Make the revision as many times as you can.

How Long Is a Statement of Purpose Supposed to Be to Succeed?

The valuable SoP is written by focusing on few major yet important parts. These 4 parts can help you out in writing a stellar statement of purpose.

Your purpose statement format must have a compelling starting lines. Your field of study and experience related to it should be added in your document. Discuss about your story of dealing with challenges to be able to apply for the respective school/university.

This part is all about including the details about academic background and prior work experiences. Anything that helps in impressing the selection team like awards, certifications, publications or your any achievement can work like icing on a cake.

Add info related to your plans to do with the degree and details about the desired course of study. Try to add the relevant info about your experience in the academic or professional field. Your interest in the specific courses and the subjects that you wanted to study after getting success in admission.

The long-term and short-term objectives are required to be added in this part. Make sure that you discuss about your graduation’s degree impact on the career. You can get the advancements in the personal future plans and its ways.

While writing the SoP, you must be aware of its length. People who don’t concentrate on word count while writing the SoP must know about its importance. The standard word limit of statement of purpose is 500 to 600 words. When it is about the format, then you need to break it into the introduction, body and conclusion. The tone of your content must be simple to understand. It should be easily understood after the first reading. Avoid making it passive or detached and make it sound personable.

The Ideal Length of Physics Statement of Purpose

The statement of purpose outline indicates about its length as well. If you’re working on an SoP related to Physics or any other subject, you need to know about its actual length in consideration. The teams of experts never encourage or appreciate extraordinarily long applications. So, you must end it up on maximum 2 pages. The 1 or 1.5 pages must be filled up with the content and not more than this. So, you have to finish writing it until 550 to 600 words.

Statement of Purpose Header Writing

The title of any SoP is known as its header. The header or top title of SoP has a lot of significance in many aspects. It is something that is read by the admission committee before anything on your document. So, people must try hard to make it compelling and relevant for sure. The headers have an important role in any kind of SoP. First of all, it helps the reader to know the subject of purpose statement. They can also know about the applicants by going through their contact details. Any admission application would seem incomplete without a title.

Should I Put a Header on the Sop and Page Numbers?

The title has always a higher significance whether it is about writing SoP or any other document. However, the page numbers look helpful in the documents with longer length (based on multiple pages). And, SoP is just comprised of hardly two pages. So, you better need to avoid adding up the page numbers in it. It won’t look impressive at all. There is nothing bad about using page numbers in SoP but this doesn’t make sense for merely two pages. What do you think?

Which Positioning and Statement of Purpose Format Header Is Recommended?

The header can’t be avoided in any type of SoP. One must not only include the header but also learn about its placement. On the very first line, you must add the heading right at the start of the page. Include it on the page’s center at the top area. Then, begin writing the content after leaving two to three lines below. Some people write the header on the right side of the page’s top section. It is not recommended at all.

Statement of Purpose Heading Examples

Check out these examples that may help you in writing a captivating SoP today. Have a look.

Example 1

 Statement of Purpose Masters in Engineering

Example 2

Graduate School Statement of Purpose

Example 3

The Statement of Purpose MBA

Example 4

Statement of Purpose for Master’s School

How to End a Statement of Purpose for Graduate School?

The ending lines for a SoP can either brighten up your chances of selection or reducing the possibilities to make it to the desired school. Like the beginning, you must make the final part impactful and worth-reading. Give the information about why you fit the selected course, add the plans for upcoming years and write a summary of interests and skills. Keep in mind that the actual length of concluding part shouldn’t be exceeded from 200 words. It is based on one-third part of your SoP.

10 Best and Worst Ways to End Your Sop

One must be familiar with the ten great and bad ways of summing up the SoP. Here are the examples to let you know more.

Best Ways

  1. Discussing the reason of making your selection.
  2. Writing the short sentences.
  3. Covering all the points in a brief manner.
  4. Reminding about your grades (if you’ve secured good position) of the academic background.
  5. Restating the personal statement’s major idea.
  6. Share that you are never afraid of using the offered opportunity.
  7. Discuss about right use of life experiences for accomplishing the objectives.
  8. Add a small story about your experience.
  9. Mention about your assumptions about building up the qualities post studying from the respective school.
  10. Use the simple vocabulary.

Worst Ways

  1. Writing a copied material (even if it is the single sentence).
  2. Selection of courses which aren’t related with the specific institution.
  3. Not sharing any point of view.
  4. Lack of sharing any future plans.
  5. Writing a lot but without discussing the single point regarding personal goals.
  6. Leaving up the readers in any curiosity and ending it up with the question.
  7. Begging for the selection.
  8. Praising the school a lot and unnecessarily.
  9. The use of commas without much need.
  10. Adding the false information.

Professional Examples of How to End Statement of Purpose

Have a look at these examples to write compelling ending for SoP or letter of intent grad school.

  • “Psychology is a subject that always grabs my attention. I know the significance of the same discipline and I have selected it to pursue my educational career in the same field. I believe that my attention to details and my ability to achieve goals will help me to become a good psychologist.”
  • “Mathematics is always my top choice. I am interested in making calculations and balancing the equations. I always work hard to put the formula and solving problems according to that.  I hope to excel in conducting valuable mathematical research & all set to use my ability to gather & analyze information. The toughest challenges will guide me to turn out to be a famous mathematician.”
  • “I turned my attention to a career in the law field as I am interested in many subject areas but lately. My quality of concentrating on little and in-depth info helps me to become a good lawyer. I am able to find strong evidence and present persuasive arguments and I was always good at analyzing information.”
  • “I am totally ready to solve difficult problems. I am a self-motivated & responsible person & I am looking forward to challenges. I am sure that my desire to become a good doctor & my volunteering experience in the hospital will be very helpful and I know a medical career has a lot of demands.”

An Effective Statement of Purpose Format Graduate School: Main Questions to Answer

Are you ready to write an engaging SoP? If there is still some confusion, then you must go through these questions and ask from yourself before beginning to write.

  • How Are You Unique from the Other Candidates?

You must discuss the valid points that make you stand out in the masses. Try to share the fact-based information.

  • What Matters to You — and Why?

Share your views about achieving certain goals after completing the degree program from the respective school/university.

  • Why Is the Program You Are Applying to a Good Fit for You?

You just have to let the readers know about personal preferences (for certain courses/subjects) and the interest in exploring more about such subjects.

  • What Kinds of Work Are You Interested in Doing in Graduate School?

Here, you need to discuss about anything that you like to do while studying particular courses in a semester. For example, some students enjoy the research conducting process rather than taking lectures and studying the books.

Want to bag an interview for admission to the university of your dreams and impress the admissions committee? Follow this statement of purpose graduate school format to succeed!