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Right Graduate School Letter of Recommendation Format

How Important a Letter of Recommendation Is

Going through an application process can be stressful. You have to make sure you meet all the requirements, have all the documents, and prepare for the interview. One of those documents that you are required to hand in is a letter of recommendation. However, you can’t just deliver a random note from a tutor or professor, there is a special letter of recommendation format the author should follow. In the recommendation letter, they should state why they are recommending you – as in, why are you a strong candidate. They also need to ensure to outline your strengths and skills relevant to the course you are applying.

A letter of recommendation should be written by someone outside your family or friends. It should be a person that know how you work and your personality. A mentor, a professor, or even a boss can write it for you. Bear in mind that the person writing it should give you positive feedback. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be considered a recommendation letter. It is such an important document that can either open you the door or close it. It is a document that will reveal a lot of your personal information. It will tell the admission jury if you’re a strong candidate. For this, they will examine your personality, work ethic, academic achievements, and social skills. They will do so by carefully reading what other people say about you. Making sure you hand in the perfect letter of recommendation and graduate school statement of purpose are critical to multiply your chances of success.

graduate school letter of recommendation
That’s why it’s important that you familiarize yourself with how to approach your writing. How you start to write the letter almost determines the outcome of it, so it’s highly important that you deal with it in a great amount of focus and determination.

Now, what are the things that could help you write an effective and in the appealing format for statement of purpose? Are there tips that you can consider? Well, there certainly is. Let’s go ahead and look at it right now.

<<< Check a letter of recommendation format commented by professional writers 

Top 7 Tips to Write in the Right Statement of Purpose Graduate School Format

A letter of recommendation for graduate school as a good letter of intent for graduate school needs to be written in a way that you get to support all the things that you write about the person with facts and details. There are times that you may not know much about the person you’re recommending, so you have to write a recommendation that’s neutral enough. To help you write one, consider the following the tips:

  • Be honest about what you write or include in the letter. Take the time to know certain things about the student or person you’re recommending into the university program. You can include positive, negative or neutral evaluations with the support of behavioral examples.
  • Think about what you write in the letter on behalf of the student. Most of the time, it would help you a lot in reflecting towards your experiences with a student or person you’re recommending.
  • A graduate school letter of recommendation tends to be vague at times, so it’s important that you avoid committing this fatal mistake. Avoid writing recommendations letters that are inflated with all the positivity about the student.
  • Write a letter of recommendation for graduate school with specific examples in order to support any statement you include in the letter. Specific examples would highlight and enhance what you write in the letter.
  • Get the students permission in writing a recommendation letter. The most suitable one comes from admissions offices in graduate schools where you can easily obtain a signed recommendation form.
  • Organizing your letter is also a key factor in terms of its outcome. Start writing your letter by simply indicating whom you’re writing for and what they’re applying for. Keep all information written be concise and precise.
  • Proofread your letter. Watch out for spelling and grammar errors. Make the final copy of your graduate school letter of recommendation.

Letter of Recommendation (Basic) Template

[Current Date]

Dear [Ms./Mr./Mrs./Ms.],

I have written to suggest [person’s full name you’re suggesting] for [the suggestion’s description].

I am familiar of the [individual you’re suggesting] as [description/reason to show how do you know that person, i.e. “co-worker,” “good friend,” etc.] since [date].

I was aware of [to-be-recommended person] to be [the person’s qualities, such as “dedicated,” “honest,” “cooperative”].

I can confidently recommend based on our experience together [to-be-recommended person] for [reason to suggest them].


[Full Name + Signature]

The template shows quintessential elements to be included in the LOR. Many of us miss a few major things shown in the example.

Personal Letter of Recommendation Template

Dear [Ms./Mr./Mrs.]

I have come to suggest [to-be-suggested person’s name] for [points to suggest them].

I was familiar with [to-be-recommended person] for [years or months] as a [acquaintance, neighbor, relative].

As per my experience, [to-be-recommended person] is [description of what’s best in him/her, i.e. “loyal,” “dedicated,” supportive,” etc].

The statement related to [his/her] personality is [she/he] were [particular traits of personality].

I can confidently recommend based on our experience together [to-be-recommended person] for [reasons to suggest them].

Yours Sincerely,

[Full Name + Signature]

It is a perfect example based on ideal traits of writing the personal LoR. make sure you trust on this template for best outcomes.

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There you have it. The best way you can approach and accomplish a letter of recommendation as well as graduate school statement of purpose. Keep the grad school statement of purpose format up-to-date so that your letter should stand out from the rest of the crowd. Well then, start writing one today!

If you need the right grad school recommendation letter format, you should get in touch with our team of professional writers!