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Social Work Statement of Purpose

Your Social Work Statement of Purpose Is Vital to You Winning a Place

Not many potential students realize just how important their social work statement of purpose is when it comes to being chosen over their competitors for those limited places. Your grades and other activities are unlikely to be significantly different to all of the other applicants to single you out so you have to make yourself stand out through the statement of purpose. This is really the only opportunity within your application that you have to get them to notice who you are and to make them believe that you are the perfect fit for their social work degree.

What You Must Include within Your Social Work Statement of Purpose

There will be a question or even a whole series of questions that you will be supplied against which to write a statement of purpose for grad school, while these are designed to draw out the qualities that the selection panel are looking for you need to keep in mind what these qualities are.


Your writing therefore needs to show:

  • That you are really interested in social work by discussing how you became interested
  • That your interest has developed over time as well as what has influenced you
  • That you have a clear plan for your future and that studying social work is an integral part of that plan
  • That your values and needs match what is being offered by this course and college

How to Write a Successful Social Work Statement of Purpose

It is not just enough to write about what the selection committee wants to hear. You have to ensure that your writing is perfect so that your readers are not distracted from what you are telling them by problems with your writing. Therefore your writing needs to be:

  • Totally free of errors of all types
  • Contain no clichés or generalizations
  • Free of plagiarism, even quotations
  • Relevant to the social work course you are applying to
  • Using appropriate language
  • Flows from start to end

Get a Successful Statement of Purpose from Our Experts

You would never expect a writing expert to make decisions in a social working case so why should you expect a social worker to write an essay in perfect English? By using our professional writing services you can be provided with a perfectly written social work statement of purpose Masters degree that is going to get you noticed for all the right reasons. So if you want to have your social work statement of purpose written by a highly qualified and experienced writer able to craft exactly what the selection committee are looking for get in touch with us today.