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MFA Statement of Purpose Writing Guide

The Importance of a Good MFA Statement of Purpose

If you are looking to study an MFA course then you will likely have to overcome a significant number of competitors to win your place. Most will have similar qualifications and grades so how will the selection board decide who to give the places to? Well the simple answer is your grad school statement of purpose;

If you manage to write an SOP that really sells you and your ambition to study then you have a good chance of selection over someone that has written an uninspiring statement of purpose. Therefore it is vital that you spend time and energy on ensuring that your MFA SOP is written to perfection.


How Should Your MFA Statement of Purpose Be Written?

Your Master of Fine Arts personal statement must be written very carefully if you want to succeed, this means writing an error free statement that perfectly answers their questions. In summary you need to:

  • Answer fully all questions asked
  • Avoid any form of clichés
  • Never use any copied material, plagiarism is a huge no
  • Proofread to avoid any errors with spelling, punctuation and grammar
  • Don’t use generalizations, always be specific
  • Stick to the subject, only write about things that are relevant
  • Tell the truth and don’t exaggerate
  • Don’t use too many words
  • Use everyday language rather than showing off with a thesaurus
  • Maintain flow through an underlying theme

What Should Your Statement of Purpose Contain?

The statement of purpose for your MFA application needs to sell you as a person and as someone that will benefit from studying an MFA course. So apart from being skillfully written it needs to:

  • Explain why you wish to study for an MFA and where your interest originated
  • Tell the board how your interests have developed and what and who has influenced your need for an MFA
  • Tell them how an MFA will shape your future, how will you use what you learn for your career
  • Show why you want to study this specific MFA course

Make sure that your opening is attention grabbing but without being overly dramatic as it will otherwise be seen as a mechanism to influence them and work against you.

Help with MFA Statement of Purpose Writing

If you are worried that your MFA statement of purpose may not be enough to influence the selection panel then help is at hand. Just go to our order page and complete your details and you will soon be in touch with a highly talented writer who has the skill and experience to craft you a highly outstanding statement of purpose university that will help you to get selected. Don’t struggle if you don’t need to, use every advantage at your disposal and contact us for a highly professional MFA statement of purpose.