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How to Write an Academic Statement of Purpose

The Importance of Your Academic Statement of Purpose

If you look at the many other students that are competing against you for those limited places you will quickly see that most of them will have similar courses attended, grades and even extracurricular activities. There is only one way to make yourself stand out from them and that is through your academic statement of purpose. This has to grab the attention of those making the decisions and make them remember you as being the very best choice for their course. If you don’t manage to get their attention through your college statement of purpose you may as well rely on a lottery to get selected.

What Do You Need to Cover within Your Statement of Purpose?

Firstly you need to carefully consider the prompt or questions that they have provided for your statement of academic purpose. You must ensure that whatever you write that you fully answer every point that they are looking for. Your statement of purpose needs to be very focused and to the point around their question and not wander off down irrelevant unrelated tangents. Your opening lines however do need to be outstanding, it is important that like a good newspaper story you manage to hook the reader in and make them want to read more. However avoid excessive shock tactics that some suggest that you try, the reader will see this often as an attempt to manipulate them.


Your statement of purpose should typically cover the following areas:

  • Why you are different and should be accepted
  • Why you are interested in the course you have applied to study
  • Who or what are your influences
  • What you hope to learn and why
  • How you will use what you will learn
  • If you will continue within education or have plans to work
  • Why you have chosen this specific college and why you are a good fit

You must avoid the use of clichés, stick to normal language not use the thesaurus for each word, ensure that you are specific in what you write and do not use filler; your statement of purpose is not going to be long and you need to make every word count.

Help and Support with Your Academic Statement of Purpose

Writing an academic statement of purpose is not easy no matter how much advice you are given, this is why it can sometimes be beneficial to turn to experts for help. Our academic statement of purpose writing services are staffed by the very best well educated writers who have significant experience in writing successful statement of purpose for grad school to help you win your place. Through them you can submit a unique and highly focused academic statement of purpose that will help you get noticed.