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How to Write a Unique and Successful SoP for LLM

Will a Good Statement of Purpose for LLM Help You Gain a Place?

If you have already achieved your law degree and want to gain your LLM then you will know that completion for places is going to be tough, especially when most of that completion is going to be just as well qualified as you are. Therefore the statement of purpose LLM is going to be a vital part of your application. This statement will be your only chance to show those making the selections who you are and why they should be selecting you and not one of the many other candidates. So if your statement of purpose chemistry fails to sell you well enough you are not going to be memorable enough to be selected.

How to Write Your Statement of Purpose for LLM

Your statement of purpose must be written perfectly if you want to be selected to study your LLM. This means following all of the following guidelines:

  • Don’t miss any English errors, proofread thoroughly
  • Avoid the use of clichés and quotations
  • Be specific in your choice of what you say
  • Don’t use copied material of any type
  • Don’t use too many words, get straight to the point
  • Use easy to understand language, this may be a law degree but they don’t want to have to reach for the dictionary


What to Cover in Your Statement of Purpose

Your statement of purpose LLM will likely have a question or prompt around which you should write, while you need to fully answer this you must keep in mind that they are assessing your need to study for the LLM and if you are going to fit into their program, so you need to ensure that you cover:

  • Explain why you are studying law (Remember this is a masters level degree so they don’t want to hear about your experiences as a 5-year-old)
  • Show how your understanding of the law has changed and your ambitions also
  • Inform them as to why gaining an LLM is important and how it fits into your career progression
  • Explain why you want to study your LLM with them
  • Show what you can bring to their program

Professional Statement of Purpose Writing

If someone in the future wants a legal problem solving they will come to you as you will be an expert in the law, so why would you write your statement if there are experts available to do it for you? Why risk selection on your own writing skills if we can provide you with a qualified law professional who is highly skilled in writing your statement of purpose LLM and can ensure that your statement of purpose for grad school will get you noticed.