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How to Write a Successful Statement of Purpose for Internship

What Will Influence Your Selection as an Intern?

statement of purpose for internshipYour statement of purpose for internship is the most important part of your application, where else are you able to tell the decision makers who you are and why they should select you rather than the many others competing against you for those valuable places? A well-written internship statement of purpose graduate school will be able to grab the reader’s attention and help you to stay memorable when that vital decision is made.

What Do You Need to Include within Your Statement of Purpose Internship?

The whole purpose of your statement is to show the selection committee who you are, how you will fit into their program and how you are going to benefit from what they have to offer. Therefore you should cover the following areas:

  • Detail out how you have become interested in the subject and how that interest has developed over time, what have you achieved
  • Indicate any influences in your interests, what or who pushed you to take interest in it and what was his contribution
  • Show how the internship will impact on your chosen career path and where you intend to go, focus on your future prospects
  • Explain why their internship is so important to you, what are the reasons behind your decision to apply for internship
  • Show how you will be an asset to their program

Of course, it is not just what you write about that is important, it is also important how you write if you want to impress.


How to Write Statement of Interest for Internship?

Your internship statement of purpose or goal statement for nursing must be written perfectly if you want to stand any chance of getting selected. Your opening has to be able to grab their attention and keep it so that the reader will continue to read the whole of your essay and see you as a perfect choice for their internship. This means that you have to:

  • Fully answer the prompt for the statement of purpose. It is your statement and it should clear as it could possibly get
  • Eliminate all errors through careful proofreading. The statement which lacks proofreading might affect negatively.
  • Avoid over wordiness, if you can say it in fewer words less. Mind your word count, no one needs lots of meaningless words.
  • Don’t use language that is too flowery, they don’t want to have to grab the thesaurus to understand you, be simple and accurate.
  • Don’t state the obvious, they know you will “benefit from being an intern”. Mention why the other side will benefit from that.
  • Be specific, if you will benefit, how exactly will you benefit and why is it important? Do not be too abstract, but precise.
  • Use your own words, no quotes or copying. Statement of purpose should be your personal summary, there is no way you will a paper identical to your purposes.
  • Avoid any clichés

A carefully written statement of purpose for internship shows that you have put effort and thought into your application and that you clearly value the opportunity.

We Can Help with Your Statement of Purpose for Internship

Your internship statement of purpose is far from easy to write, especially if you are not a natural writer. This is why you can turn to our professional service for the help that you need. We provide you with a huge advantage in the selection process by having your MFA statement of purpose written by a talented writer who has a huge amount of experience in writing successful applications for many students.

If you want a real boost to your chances as well as avoiding the headache of trying to craft a successful statement of purpose for internship just turn to our experts!