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Help with Your Statement of Purpose Philosophy

Why Might You Choose to Get Help with Your Statement of Purpose Philosophy?

Successful applications to graduate school philosophy programs require an excellent statement of purpose (SoP). It should emphasize your strengths and motivations to study a chosen specialty, such as political philosophy or ethics, and why you will be good at it. Competition for places will be strong and serious candidates know that their SoP must be well written and interesting if they are to stand out. For proofreading, editing or a full writing service many people come to us for help.

What Your SoP Should Include?

For many graduate school programs, most of the people making applications will have similar backgrounds and academic data. You should reference any relevant research, essays or publications but remember that the committee does not want another list of your grades. Your philosophy grad school statement of purpose must show that you have other interests, skills, and experience which make you a better option. If you are applying to study jurisprudence for example then show your law qualifications. Write your composition to fit the position on offer and in your own words show why should be selected.

  • philosophy statement of purpose sampleWhy this position? Explain why this particular role suits your strengths and motivations
  • Why you? Show you are well qualified with a keen interest in the topic
  • Why this school? Establish connections to the institution by referring to their faculty or published research work and why you would fit into their team.
  • What are your future plans? Whether in teaching, research, law or the private sector, explain how you plan to use your philosophy qualification
  • Personal philosophy work? Include short quotes from your own relevant work but make them brief and memorable.

How Should Your Statement Be Written?

A statement of purpose for philosophy as well as a statement of purpose for statistics will need to be well structured, informative, easily read and perfectly written. The readers will all have a critical eye regards basic errors. Try to use these tips:

  • Take your time and go through the research, write and revise stages.
  • Be personal, it’s a story about you
  • Start and finish with something memorable
  • Never plagiarise or quote other philosophers, always be original
  • Copy a sample or piece you find on the internet, be original
  • Be concise, relevant and factual where necessary
  • Particularly for philosophy, your English has to be excellent
  • Do not use slang, cliché or make jokes
  • Be positive always. Any negative aspects to your application should be explained.
  • Get reviewed. Use friends for proofreading or professional editing help


We Can Give You the Help You Need with Your Statement of Purpose Philosophy

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Our SoP writing services will ensure that your piece is error-free and written perfectly. Our professional writers are assigned to areas in which they are qualified and they work directly with you to eliminate errors and improve your writing. They are all native English speakers and familiar with philosophy application processes. Our service includes unlimited revisions, proofreading and plagiarism checks.

We want your application to be successful so contact us online today for a perfectly written statement of purpose philosophy that will get you noticed!