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Sample Statement of Purpose for Graduate School

This is our page to enable our clients to go through samples of our statement of purpose grad school. With that knowledge, we are sure you will be in a position to write an original graduate school statement without feeling intimidated to do so. We have placed various samples for various categories of graduates ranging from nursing, teaching, engineering and the likes. Make your pick and enjoy the reading. If you feel that what we have provided is not enough, feel free to contact our customer care service on our toll-free line, on email or on our website. Our customer care service operates 24/7/365 days a year. No single time will you miss getting help from us, they are always available and ready to help in whatever it is that is disturbing you about your graduate school statement of purpose writing.

If you have no idea on how to start your statement of purpose for the university, feel free to glance at our sample to get inspired.

Example of statement of purpose for graduate school

The field of language is an amazing one, one that allows us to change the world because it allows us to interact with new people and in new ways. Understanding language, means understanding people. It means learning more about the world around us and that’s an amazing experience. As a result, I have determined that this is the best area for me to continue pursuing my education. I was able to complete my Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Foreign Language and Literature in both English and Russian from Uzbek State University of World Languages. I have now been able to work in the Harmony Public Schools as a teaching assistant, and was able to gain experience at the Elementary Charter School in Uzbekistan, helping other students to learn a love of language that I have been able to develop for myself throughout my life. I believe that teaching this love of literature and language is the key to success and advancement throughout the world because only by understanding each other can we continue to improve. I hope to pursue my education with your university because I know that this university has the teachers and courses that will help me develop an even better understanding. I look forward to the ability to delve into this subject further and to become a professor in my own right.

Our sample statement of purpose for graduate school will help you to be on the right track!