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Grad School Statement of Purpose Sample

This is our page to enable our clients to go through samples of our graduate school statement of purpose. With that knowledge, we are sure you will be in a position to write an original graduate school statement without feeling intimidated to do so. We have placed various samples for various categories of graduates ranging from nursing, teaching, engineering and the likes. Make your pick and enjoy the reading. If you feel that what we have provided is not enough, feel free to contact our customer care service on our toll free line, on email or on our website. Our customer care service operates 24/7/365 days a year. No single time will you miss to get help from us; they are always available and ready to help in whatever it is that is disturbing you about your graduate school statement of purpose writing.

Our grad school statement of purpose sample will help you to be on the right track!

Sample of statement of purpose for graduate school

Ever since my days in high school, I have dreamt of being a home economist. This urge was brought by my background. When I was twelve years old, my mother traveled out of the country to go and pursue other personal obligation that I have never come to learn about. This meant that, my father and I had to fend for ourselves when it came to taking care of our house. Due to the nature of my father job, I was forced to do everything in the house; from cooking; making sure the house is well kept; take care of the bills and everything that entails the running of a house.

Due to what was happening at home, I started getting interested in home economics so that I could perfect my art at home. This I did by approaching my Home Economics teacher who willingly took me into her class. I was keen in learning all the tit bits about the subject and ended up being the top in the class. My teacher was very much impressed with my performance. During our practical lesson, I did an art work that sold for over $10,000! What a fortune. As if that was not enough, a local designer employed me on part time basis; it helped me raise my school fees for my undergraduate in Home Economics.

My desire to practice more and earn myself a graduate degree has led me to your prestigious college. This is where my wonderful teacher got her graduate degree and I know I will make it because my desire is to get the highest education in Home Economics so that I can practice it further and earn a living as well as help those around me. The basics in Home Economics have led me to be independent and I have all the reason to believe that with all the determination I have, a graduate honors while practicing with the junior students in your college, will lead me to high grounds. I have the self drive to sail me through those tough times when everything seems not to be working. I have the zeal and all it takes to make a great person in life and I hope your college will make my dream come true by offering me a chance.