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Grad School Statement of Purpose Example

Our statement of purpose grad school examples are original statements written by our professional writers. They have done them in such a way that, they were imagining they are the ones applying for those courses and there is all the truth in whatever they have written. They are trying to convince the admission board that, if given a chance in the respective schools they are applying for, they will fulfill their dreams and be of help in the society at large.

Example of statement of purpose for graduate school

I have decided to do a graduate course in an engineering school because, that is the only career I have grown to associate myself with. My great grandfather was an engineer at a local railway company; my grandfather was a mechanical engineering with a general motors company; my dad is an engineer with the government water and sewerage company. All this have been my role model and they have made me just grow to love the engineering work. They have raised their respective families in a very respectable way and I tend to associate engineering with responsible people.

Another reason why I prefer engineering and want to pursue it as a career in your prestigious institution is because, all the above named have passed through your institution and I know, incase I get stuck up, they will explain to me what I do not know and that will make me enjoy the course more. During my undergraduate course, I undertook engineering in a local college and I didn’t get much satisfaction from it. The main reason being that, I believe that deep down my heart, your institution is the best and that is why my people chose it over the rest of the many colleges that are around. I am sure that if given a chance to come to your college, I will work hard to be just like my father, who is currently a senior engineer in the government water and sewerage department.

The experience I amassed during my internship will enable me impact knowledge to the junior in the graduate school as I embark on my graduate course. I will give it my all because I will be aiming at proving to my dad am a great engineer just like him. Failure has never been my vocabulary; am coming to your institution to prove that, it is not in me to fail but to excel in everything that I do, no matter how tough it may seem. Thank you in advance for giving me the chance to prove myself a worthy engineer.