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Best Statement of Purpose for Statistics

Why Is Your Statistics Statement of Purpose So Important?

Statistics is an increasingly popular and specialized field with strong fields of candidates for postgraduate and doctoral positions. Many applicants will have a mathematics background and similar college grades so it is not easy to get yourself noticed and selected. You must emphasize other areas of work experience and write in an engaging way to catch and then keep the reader’s attention. Writing a unique piece and shows you clearly as a strong contender for a place is not easy. Most people know what to include but many are not sure about style and formatting or are not great writers. Our professional service can help.

What Should Be Included in Your Statement of Purpose (SoP)?

Your education and grades mostly speak for themselves. You may expand on particular areas which relate to your application or specific research work but be brief. Match yourself to the school and position on offer. Actuarial science and sports statistics, for example, are specialties requiring a different set of strengths and mindset. Always make reference to good communication and team skills and try to establish a personal connection with the reader by making reference to the school, the statistics department, or even individual staff when writing about certain specialties. As a guideline always write your grad school statement of purpose to answer the following questions:

  • sample statement of purpose statisticsHow did you begin with statistics and how your interest has grown?
  • What are your career plans in statistics?
  • Your particular strengths and special interests?
  • Why this position fits your plans?
  • Why should they choose you?
  • What did you choose this school?
  • Any previous work or research experience?
  • Your own research ideas?

What Style, Format and Wording Should Your Statement of Purpose Statistics Use?

statement of purpose statistics

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A good SoP will be easy to read, engaging and carry all the data that gets you noticed. Our writers use various tips and guidelines to ensure the quality and originality of our statement of purpose for logistics or statistics. Try and keep to these:

  • Give yourself time, a good statement is not finished in one sitting, you will need many revisions.
  • Never copy, even form professional samples. The statement is about you, in your own words, as a candidate to be a statistician.
  • Try to open and close with an attention-grabbing line
  • Do not write too much or the reader may lose interest or your strengths may be missed
  • Do not use humor or slang.
  • Spelling mistakes or poor grammar will not make you appear as a serious candidate
  • Be positive even about aspects of your application which are weak.


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